Young business women doing it the right way

Larry & Marki McKibben

We write today about a group of young business women in Marshalltown who are state licensed Massage Therapists. They practice their profession under rules and regulations of the state of Iowa under Chapter 147 of the Iowa Code. They provide an important natural health public service to our community.

Late last year a new ordinance was submitted to the Marshalltown City Council which was directed solely at “Massage Therapy Business” enterprises. It created more licensing rules than those already required by the state of Iowa. There were more fees, rules and regulations controlled only by our community law enforcement. This was somehow deemed to be the cure for what we all know is the horrific sex trafficking and prostitution problems that we have in the entire nation. We know that our federal and state government and law enforcement leaders are actively working to address this matter. They are doing it in a manner not harmful to small business and not with rules and regulations which would be different throughout our states and their cities.

Too many times today we see loud citizen protests and negative communications which create more anger and division and, in the end, really solve nothing. We write this letter having attended two Marshalltown City Council meetings which were addressing this proposed ordinance. We were proud to see a large group of young business ladies who own and operate massage therapy businesses in attendance. They presented their opposition in a fact-based and detailed manner and, most importantly, they did it in a very civil manner. We also watched an attentive city council and mayor listen and learn from the facts given them. What a contrast from what we see now on the news of loud citizen protests and nasty communications between parties who disagree, all of which create more anger and division and in the end solve nothing.

After their presentations and council deliberation, the council appropriately tabled the proposed ordinance. It was not then brought back at the next council meeting. We are writing this letter to inform the readers of how this matter was handled and how proud we are of those who made their case in a civil fact-based manner and how our city council acted in the same manner in coming to a good decision for our community.