A trail of total destruction

I had to chuckle over the comments by columnists Ben Shapiro, Pat Buchanan and Federalist commentator Frank Cannon. Shapiro’s Feb. 3 Times-Republican column “Can a Bad Man be a good Leader” claimed Trump was like the historic figure Machiavelli who articulated that a good leader could justify the use of both vice and virtue in governing. Buchanan’s Feb. 13 column “Trump-Middle American Radical” parroted Cannon’s claim that Trump is a radical anti-progressive who is out to destroy the policies and beliefs of the radical left (liberal progressive agenda)

I am proud to be a liberal progressive and a social Democrat and I despise the racist and demagogic destructive nature of dog-eat dog-capitalism that Trump stalwartly defends. Those three writers are attempting to build a false image of Trump in order to defend his economic cruelty and to salve over Trump’s serious mental pathologies.

Tragically it appears Trump supporters are overlooking his destructiveness! That makes Trump more like the cult figure Jim Jones whose followers were so mystified by his paranoia they submitted to mass suicide drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. Nine hundred and nine lives were destroyed that included 304 children.

It appears Shapiro, Buchanan and Cannon are getting used to Trump’s poisonous Kool-Aid (undemocratic economic policies, his paranoid attacks against the press and judicial system and his demeaning racist comments).

What really bothers Trump supporters? Critical thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo of white privilege.

Finally Trump, syndicated conservative writers and Republican state and federal legislators remind me of a family of raccoons who invaded a sweet corn patch and took a bite out of every ear leaving a trail of total destruction.