Answer the questions!

Marshalltown city is one step closer to finalizing their budget for the next fiscal year.

I have repeatedly asked that the city no longer levy the $582,000 in their city budget since that will in the future be collected by the new E911 commission tax levy.

Maybe I have not been clear in my complete dismay over this issue.

It has nothing to do with current valuations, or other levies, or even being denied the opportunity to speak about this issue at the last council meeting, or even my prediction that this would happen.

It is about having no response from nearly all of our elected city leaders and city employees when I have asked in a very civil way. Being told it will be addressed in the budgeting process, then sit stone faced when questioned about this taxation.

I thank Councilperson Cahill in her question during the last city meeting on this matter, but City Administrator Kinser answered in a circuitous way, basically saying that since the city is within their legal limit of tax levy, and since expenses exceed this amount, that’s it.

I also spoke to another councilperson, who indicated me that he/she is also questioning how this money ($582,000) is being spent, since they no longer will be spending it on E911. Seriously, a councilperson has a question that the administrator either can’t or won’t answer? Or even worse, that the councilperson felt they couldn’t bring this up at an appropriate time? I now sense that relationships around Ms. Kinser are beginning to sour. Perhaps some openness might keep people from questioning her tenure here.

The real issue has become: there is a complete lack of transparency or perhaps even a complete and willful disregard for Marshalltown taxpayers!

Since I cannot get definitive answers about this taxation funding, I am now turning to ask for a public explanation of how this $582,000 is being spent. This must be done now, in a public forum with the opportunity for the audience to speak!

Marshalltown citizens, become involved now, or who knows what might happen next!