Carollo is the best candidate for city council

I have lived in the Second Ward for 45+ years and have had the privilege to know Jay Carollo longer than that. In this election, as in most if not all elections, candidates have an agenda they hope to be able to get passed and implemented; Jay does not have an agenda he would bring to the council, but he does have the knowledge, expertise, patience and willingness to make tough decisions that would ultimately effect each and every one in Marshalltown. Jay will take the time to listen to the concerns people voice and ultimately make a decision that is in the best interest of the entire community, not just a select few. With his extensive background information and history of Marshalltown, his abilities far exceed the other candidates vying for Second Ward council seat. Consider every aspect of the candidates and Jay Carollo is far-and-away the best person to fill the vacant seat representing the Second Ward. I strongly suggest you cast your ballot for Jay Carollo, the second name listed on the ballot.