Doing the tough work

How would you like to be doing your job where everything is going great. You love your work, you know what is expected of you and you do your best in all that comes your way. You work for your father who is kind, loving and giving; but you hear little snippets of talk that the family you belong to, is having some problems. You have seen enough of their actions to know that things aren’t going well. Jeremiah is this worker/spiritual/ teacher. God came to him with a task that could not be dismissed. It could even prove fatal for this Old Testament truth-teller. If this “preacher” did not accept the task, all God’s people could die; then, their deaths would be Jeremiah’s responsibility? What kind of a task is this? Jeremiah could not back out or God would blame him. God was very upfront with this job — the unbelieving Jews wouldn’t believe the message and would try to kill him. But if he took the job, told the message, then the people would be responsible for their own lives; they had been warned. In 7:16-24 God tells Jeremiah Israel won’t listen to His truth, in fact, change is always a difficult undertaking. Is that a job we would want? I guess not but in some ways that is precisely what is expected of those who are called Christians. Jeremiah had to choose, what he would do — Preach or Pass! As Christians, we have a job to do, we have been called to tell unbelievers they do not represent the goodness of God. One cannot accept Christianity and not tell the good news to other generations. For Israel, Jeremiah’s message was not about redemption or salvation. For them, it was too late; the message contained the anger of God against those who called themselves His people, but lived in heathen apostasy. Would he just forget about God and go his own way? No, he spent his whole life in service to God and others; never marrying or having a family. God did not want him to bring any more lives into the world because Israel was doomed. God’s message to our world is plain and simple. Live in peace and love with your neighbors. We need to know God expects us to lift up His Kingdom with the kindness of Christ and the compassion of the Savior.