Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers?

LeRoy Lenz


For something to be ‘found,” it must first be lost, or misplaced. Such is not the case with the original tax levy imposed to support all 911 services, wages, etc. This revenue was never lost, nor, as of yet misplaced, it belongs to the taxpayers of Marshalltown.

The new E911 service has been transferred to another governing body, which will, on its own, implement a virtually identical tax levy to support the same services. One might think this would make the original levy moot, obsolete, unnecessary. We get a new levy, while losing the previous one … “Net Zero” effect for taxpayers.

To continue to benefit from a levy that was imposed for a specific purpose, which no longer exists, is fraudulent, dishonest.

The newly-elected mayor, a practicing attorney, should feel somewhat uncomfortable about pursuing this agenda. We should also wonder why our city council has remained silent. Silence indicates complicity in this “Ponzi” like approach.

Our city administrator has chosen to pat herself on the back for acknowledging that Marshalltown property owners are already “Taxed to the legal maximum limit.”

Seriously, this is your claim to fame? “Taxed to the maximum legal limit?” How about, you take credit for doing the right thing, return the original tax levy to the taxpaying constituents.

Trust me, as a property owner, this is what I, and others expect! Here’s a “Brainiac Moment,” try listening to your employers for a change. As stated by multiple disgruntled taxpayers, “DO YOUR JOB!”