Requiem for Second Ward

The other day as we walked

Joel and Jess, my friends, we talked.

Money issues, they did arise

Budgets to balance, we’d heard the cries.

Cash was short, expenses were high

The Council Six, they wouldn’t lie?

The previous Man said we weren’t broke

But Reed, and Jim, and I, we spoke.

New computers and a 4 percent raise

The Council Six said were all the craze.

Overspending is the cause; you see

Lack of ownership is all it can be!

Excess money was found in the bank

A new commission we had to thank.

To Joel and Jess this money to keep

While taxpayers would only sit and weep.

The Council Six no mistakes to confess

Were duped to believe in this mess.

While legal it is, this money can stay

Give it back, to the citizens, I say.

Choose wisely the hole you are to fill

This dishonesty, we must kill.

Shy away from the Old Guard want

Their candidate “Just won’t hunt.”

Put your voice in the vacant seat

To represent you, turn up the heat.