Thank you Marshalltown citizens

The city asked for your assistance with a referendum in 2016 and another referendum in 2017, and we can proudly say that what we predicted has turned into a positive outcome for the community.

In August 2016, the Marshalltown voters approved the borrowing of $17.5 million to build a new facility to house the police and fire departments. The city had predicted this move would increase property taxes in Marshalltown by $1.59, but that did not stop the public from realizing there was a need and saying yes to funding that need. At this time, the city has borrowed all $17.5 million, and we have not had to increase property taxes, in part due to the local option sales tax.

In August 2017, the voters approved a change in how the city can use the local option oales tax, giving the council the ability to decide where best to use 22 percent of the funds, while putting 78 percent, or an additional $93,000, toward property tax relief, which helps to pay down our municipal debt. We are also now in a position to proactively handle financial threats should any appear.

Thank you for your continued support of items important to the continued growth and improvement of our community. Having served six years on the council and about six weeks as mayor, I know each councilor has the city’s best interests in mind, even if we occasionally disagree on what best accomplishes that.