Untiedt will change Marshalltown for the better

In examining the choices for the upcoming city council special election, it’s evident that one candidate is the most qualified and will be the most effective in representing Marshalltown’s second-ward residents.

Bob Untiedt is far and away the best candidate who will make a positive change for your community.

Thoughtful, research-oriented and careful to consider all points of view, Bob is the candidate who will be thorough in crafting a decision about an issue. In this current climate, it’s important that Marshalltown has a council member who will not be a rubber stamp or fall in line to the whims of the city administrator or others. He will carefully examine every issue, make an independent judgment with every vote and do his very best to represent his constituents.

Bob has the ability to see beyond what people want and what they need — he has insight and true vision for the future prospects of the community.

I have been fortunate and blessed to know many public servants over the years. Bob is one of those leaders who can become a change agent for Marshalltown.

I am, of course, unable to vote in this election, but I hope my friends in Marshalltown will be marking their ballots for Bob Untiedt.