Vote for Carollo

I just recently moved out of the second ward, so unfortunately, I won’t be able to vote in the Feb. 27 special election for a city council representative for that ward. I wish I could. Nevertheless, I’m writing to express my support for Jay Carollo for the position, and to encourage residents of the second ward to vote for him.

I’ve known Jay very well for the past five years. I can attest to his love for the community of Marshalltown and his interest in making this a great place to live and work. He knows more about our town than anyone I know, has studied its history ever since his childhood days, and has amassed a huge collection of historical material about it.

Jay served as a planning and zoning commissioner for seven years; E-911 commissioner for eight years; a site, plan and review board member for five years; and currently serves on the County Board of Adjustment for the past three years now. He completed the Citizen’s Police Academy program a number of years ago, and is very familiar with the laws and regulations of our city. He has dedicated a great many hours of his personal time, unpaid, to our city and county. In addition, Jay serves as president of the Central Iowa Genealogical Society and the Riverside Cemetery Board of Trustees. Surely all of this demonstrates his qualifications for the position of council member and his dedication to our community. Furthermore, I know him to be honest, practical and down-to-earth.

I encourage all second ward residents to get out and vote, and especially to cast your ballot for Jay Carollo.