Voter apathy equals higher taxation

Marshalltown has more than $40 million in the bank according to the City of Marshalltown Iowa Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Year ending June 30, 2017 on page 49 Note 3 Deposits and Investments. Why do they need to keep the 911 funds and raise our taxes? If our city council would pay down this debt with this money, it would free up approximately $1.5 million each year for the next five years and $9.6 million over the next 14 years. With proper financial management there is no need to raise taxes by keeping the 911 commission funds. Property taxes can even be lowered.

The city council should also end all TIF districts. The TIF program starves the school system of much needed revenue from property tax money. The TIF program is designed to help revitalize dilapidated areas. One of the current TIF districted covers all of the commercial real estate along South Center Street from Olive Street to Iowa Avenue. This is a misuse of the TIF program. TIF districts add to long-term debt by starving the property tax system and thus the school system’s finances. Eliminating TIF would free up another half a million dollars per year.

Pay off the debt. Stop the TIF program from handicapping the schools’ finances. Lower the burden on the taxpayers of Marshalltown.

How do we get this done? Show up and vote! Call your city council representative and put them on notice that this poor money management has to stop. Tell them to get their hands out your pocket!