Gun rights

I am writing in regards to the letter to the editor from Mr. Beisner. I am a member of the NRA and have a permit to carry. We have a book full of rules to control these shootings which are deplorable. All of these laws have done nothing to deter these actions. It is not the guns that kill people as the NRA said, it is the sick and deranged people that kill people. I don’t think schools can afford enough armed guards nor enough of them to guard the schools. I agree with Trump, arm the teachers. I do not say give every teacher a gun, they need to make them qualify to carry a weapon and also have a refresher course every year.

As to his gun falling out in a scuffle, I hope he would have it in a proper holster so it would not fall out. As to a scuffle with the shooter, who is going to confront a person with an AR-15 without some sort of a weapon. At Sandy Hook, one of the teachers heard this guy shoot the front door glass out. If he would have been armed he could have popped him before he did any damage. Just like the 9/11 ordeal, if a couple of guys would have had a gun, they could have saved 3,000 people. No, the gun rights people made it so the honest people could not bring a gun on an airplane.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone what is going on. However we have a real problem in this country. If arming people is what it takes so be it. I just don’t want to see them take the assault weapons and then the next step will be to take hunting rifles and handguns.

I find it hard to take much stock in what Obama and Clinton say as far as gun rights when they have a covey of armed guards 24/7. If they are so interested in gun control let them give up their guns first.

I am not worried about the honest people carrying guns, it is these mentally deranged people that are high on drugs that scare me.

I wonder how many of the kids in Florida that are protesting text and drive? I pulled up the statistics on texting deaths and we are at about 3,000 a year. The shooters killed under 200 and yet we just blip the texting off.

What I got from Mr. Beisner is that he is more interested in the teachers’ safety than he is the kids.