Our friend, the rat

Edmund O. Erikson


Seldom are the unappreciated extolled for their virtue; may we consider true virtue. Our typical Norwegian brown rat, first of all, has the honor of living up to the name of Norwegian and was transported to our shores, to improve the native breeds, by Norwegian cargo ships, which may have carried other cargo as well.

Virtues: Rarely have they ambushed or robbed each other in the dark alleys where we force them to live; no one has had to respond to domestic violence calls or assaults and murders – police seldom have to even put them in handcuffs. They do not subject us to long boring speeches on how they will improve our lives or separate themselves by, no dwell on, grades of color and will acknowledge that they are all, indeed fellow rats; not much prejudice there! They spend little money on drugs or drink and their appetites are not based on being gourmets; they are thankful for any kind of food. When have you heard them complain or demand any entitlements? You can safely travel among them without much fear and they will not ask for translators or special treatment and few times have they been know to riot! They do not indulge in politics or long arguments; and certainly do not behead and kill in the name of false religion.

I’m certain you can think of many other positive attainments of our friend, the rat.