The time is now (encore)

I appreciate Publisher Schlesinger’s view on school safety. Realistically, can the city hire that many more police officers? The testing, interviewing and selection process can not be done right now as we’d like. The candidates have to graduate from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and then successfully pass all of the grueling stages of field training.

The school district could emulate how Marshall County has gone about providing safety and security at the courthouse. I am sure there are retired, and former law enforcement officers that would fill the bill of a safety officer while school is in session.

Things to consider would be number one of course the cost. This wouldn’t be an issue compared to what a regular sworn police officer would need. Would the safety officer be in uniform or not? They’d certainly wear a firearm but should it be concealed or not.

Let’s also not forget about NIOT that has much emphasis on school safety. These everyday onsite school officers could make a huge impact on this effort to stop the bullying of our youth.

Yes, Marshalltown, Iowa can set the example for the nation and our society in general.