You get what you vote for

The prime Democrat candidates for Governor are obviously Mr. Hubbell and Mr. Boulton. We are hearing how terrible Gov. Reynolds administration is performing, every day. The candidates are promising all kinds of actions.

They are going to re-instate collective bargaining. Regardless of cost!

They are going to change curriculum in all high schools, so the students will be better prepared in trades that are needed, when they graduate. Regardless of cost!

They will expand Planned Parenthood facilities to make it more convenient to “stop the heartbeat” of an Iowan who hasn’t arrived yet. Regardless of cost!

They will expand health care and mental health care. Regardless of cost!

I’m not sure how much all these promises will cost. I haven’t heard their estimates.

Oh, they also won’t let rich companies come into Iowa because of tax concessions.

Amazon recently indicated they are planning to build a multi-billion dollar campus and hire 20,000 workers at a livable wage. They also indicated they would require tax abatements, grants and other concessions. I guess Iowa won’t meet their requirements so the candidates won’t have to be concerned with Amazon or 20,000 jobs.

I’m not certain the candidates have heard of the balanced budget requirement or the estimated state income they would have to consider.

I really wonder where they will get the funds to carry out their plans. What programs will they cut?

But then,“nothing is impossible for those that don’t have to do the work.”

To help the bottom line in a business they could raise the rent, increase lease fees or raise the price of their product. Oh, I forgot, the candidates can raise taxes.

Remember, you will get what you vote for.