Thank you BCLUW school board

The Conrad American Legion Auxiliary Unit 681 is observing May 21-25 as a time to show the BCLUW school board their appreciation.

Too often these men and women are forgotten as neighbors and community members. Most school board members have full time jobs outside of being a school board member.

School board members volunteer hundreds of hours of their personal time and an immeasurable amount of energy to assure that the school is providing the best education possible for children in the communities. Their decisions affect all BCLUW children – decisions about the direction the school is heading, decisions about budgetary matters and the vision that they have for the school system as they set policies that provides the framework for operations.

As a board these men and women represent the entire community. They attend numerous and often lengthy meetings that are sometime fulfilling and sometimes deeply involved.

Unit 681 asks residents of the BCLUW communities to take a moment this week and thank the school board members: Adam Probasco, Todd Pekarek, Eric Engle, Brian Feldpausch, Lynne Kock, L.J. Kopsa, Mary Beth Neff and Secretary/Treasurer Paula Benson.