Thank you from Cleaniac

The Cleaniac Planning Team wishes to thank building principals, teachers, and parents. With your help and support of many others, 214 youth were involved in the cleanup of 12 parks and public spaces.

Twenty different groups representing business, scouts, church groups, education and the city all came together to show their PRIDE in Marshalltown. More than 380 youth and adults, a record number, took part.

I encourage all who are reading this, to check out our Cleaniac Facebook site. You will get a sense of the community involvement and may find others you know in the pictures.

Earth Week extended to two weeks this year. To those who got snowed out of their scheduled time, a special thank you for completing your original commitment.

Cleaniac wishes to express appreciation to those who supported our efforts financially and otherwise. We could not do what we do without the support of the Marshalltown community. All funds we receive go into supplies for our volunteers.

Cleaniac and volunteers prepare the parks for a busy season of use. However, the appearance of our community could not be maintained without dedicated volunteers throughout the summer months. We want to encourage you to consider taking part in the Adopt-A-Park program through the Parks & Rec Department.

Another way we can each aid in improving the appearance of Marshalltown is to focus on our own neighborhoods. Periodically, we can walk around the block where we live, locating and picking up trash. This can be a family outing, taking children or grandchildren along. Since children learn by doing, this simple act could have far-reaching results. Those who spend time picking up trash around them, rarely litter.