Trump wants an autocracy

What does President Trump really want to accomplish? What are his objectives? I’ve concluded he’s interested in developing an Autocracy, much like what he has praised in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Philippines and Turkey. He appears to desire unlimited power or authority which he or a small group controls and this is frightening.

Trump loves to create information confusion by referring to all news that opposes him as “fake news.” Added to that are the Washington Post’s tabulation of 3,001 false or misleading claims so far since his inauguration which is an attempt to control the information we have available. Responding to the Washington Post’s ongoing investigations, Trump has demanded the Postal Service raise the rates for Amazon, (the WAPO and Amazon are owned by the same man) and still calls to “lock Hillary up.” Recently he has demanded the DOJ investigate the FBI, diverting attention from their ongoing investigation of him. Using the power of the state to punish enemies are typical autocratic responses.

President Trump refuses to condemn the Russians for their meddling in the 2016 election and continues to attempt to block or impede the investigation, casting a shadow on law enforcement agencies and the ongoing Mueller investigation.

Trump continues to violate the “norms” of the 220 plus years of the American Presidency by personally profiting financially while president, by not releasing his personal tax statements, by demanding loyalty to himself first rather than to the Constitution, by supporting a variety of voter suppression plans to prevent certain kinds of people from being able to vote, by focusing on building a wall to keep immigrants out, by setting policies which would turn away refugees seeking asylum from war, and by attempting to ban people of certain religions from immigrating to the U.S.

I think Gov. Reynolds, Senators Grassley and Ernst and the Republican party as willing accomplices in Trump’s acquisition of control and speaking out is my way of preventing the slide toward autocracy.