Concentration camps for kids?

Concentration camps.

Concentration camps for children.

President Trump’s administration is looking for a site to build a tent city concentration camp for children of undocumented immigrants forcibly separated from their parents.

This is wrong. It is immoral. It is inhumane.

Forcibly separating children from their family is traumatic. They will be left with life-long mental injury, if they survive. The kind of difficult-to-treat issues that make it difficult to trust anyone ever again and roll that trauma to the next generation. The kind of issues that will make them more likely to have substance abuse issues or to become incarcerated.

That’s if they survive. Or are not sold to traffickers, or go “missing.”

What are our elected officials doing to stop this administration from doing this horrible thing to people?

Separating families and housing them apart from each other will be much more expensive than holding them together. I don’t think they should be held at all, but I wonder if our legislators think this is a wise use of taxpayer money?