Trumps accomplishments since inauguration

A football team has a coach. That coach expects his team members to listen to what he tells them to do. If they don’t, they either sit on the bench or are removed from the team. Does President Trump require undo “loyalty” from his team (staff members, members of his cabinet)? I think not. As to the FBI investigating him? I think not, the Mueller investigation is a special council which is “controlled” by the Department Of Justice not the FBI. And the President is not profiting from the presidency, he even gives his salary away. I might add that past president Obama went from being worth a few hundred thousand when he first became president to being a multi-millionaire now, but he was a Democrat-so that’s different. It seems that our “gentleman” from Ames is listening to MSNBC or CNN to get his information which is the fake news that he refers to.

The Republican Party with all their faults are head and shoulders above the Democrats. I must add that the name of the so called Democrats is a misnomer. They are not democratic at all, they are socialists (yeah, like Hitler). They want to take away your guns (yeah, like Hitler). They want the average citizen to be dependent on the government, so they can control them-yeah, like Hitler. They lie, just like the guy from Ames, they love to blame everything on the Republicans. Yet they do nothing — except lie. Let me list a few of the things President Trump has accomplished.

Passed the Tax reform bill, created 1.7 million new jobs, cut unemployment to 4.1 percent, signed an executive order demanding two regulations be killed for every new one, withdrew from the Paris Climate agreement, cut the time for infrastructure approvals, removed the strings attached to the coal industry, opened up the North American Free Trade Agreement, worked to bring companies back to the U.S., made enforcement of U.S. Trade laws, ended Obama’s deal with Cuba, boosted U.S. energy dominance, ended the Obama era “Catch and Release” of illegal immigrants, removed 36 percent more criminal gang members, started the end of the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrival program, cracking down on Sanctuary Cities from receiving federal monies, justice announced grants for $98 million to fund 802 new police officers and the list goes on.