The advance of technology

In the midst of an evening out, our family was talking about horses and how we totally depended on them just one hundred years ago. Those old-time folks walked everywhere they went. I remember a book that I read forty years ago. The author claimed that his facts showed technology changes every five years. Today, change happens every 2-3 years. Just 125 years ago there were no planes, or cars Keeping this analogy going, by 1700 there were no machines to harvest products. Prior to 1600 everything was handmade, handpicked or hand canned. Before 1600, change came at a very slow pace. Before the industrial revolution, families spent many hours together in work, play, eating and studying. Instead of looking forward to new ideas and inventions, their thoughts were on the past and what the important people had recorded. It has only been in the last 150 years that the world has gone crazy with technology. Now, what about humans; what were they created for? God says we were made that we might have fellowship with Him. Christians believe that humans are born so we can practice on earth, for being in the family of God — in Heaven. Through Adam and Eve, humans once lived there (Eden). Faith and belief do not come cheaply or easily. Since our nation has been blest by God, it was natural for families to talk about scripture and those people who lived and breathed it. Go back to 1900 B.C. at the Birth of Abraham; one of the few people on Earth who was faithful to God. God’s plan was that Abraham’s people would be a showcase for God’s Kingdom — Abe would be the leader/teacher. Since scripture is true; “You cannot love God and the World at the same time,” humans must believe that ONLY God can provide salvation. God promised Adam and Eve that He would send a Savior to save them from their sin. His name would be “Messiah,” the anointed one of God. When Jesus came in 4 B.C. He wasn’t the “Messiah,” the Jews wanted. Instead of a loving, forgiving, Savior; Israel wanted a feisty, vengeful Savior. For two thousand years the Kingdom of God has been preached. We must accept that faith is the power that connects us to God-this is our lesson in life. We live and act as if God Himself was moving us to conclusion.