Rep. Dean Fisher and the proposed moratorium on CAFOs

The preponderance of CAFOs in Iowa has decimated rural economies. Children that live on or near Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are more likely to suffer from respiratory illness than children who do not. CAFOs produce far more manure than our land can absorb and the excess manure ends up in our water. The farmers and the foreign companies for whom they work do not pay for our children’s health care. Nor do they pay for cleaning up our drinking water. As industry-associated costs have increased with the proliferation of CAFOs, property values in affected areas have dropped. Expenses are up and tax revenues are down. This is not an economically sustainable model. It is time to place a moratorium on the building of CAFOs in Iowa.

Dean Fisher is the chair of the Iowa House Environmental Protection committee. It is his job to assign bills in that committee to sub-committee. He is sitting on a moratorium bill that needs to be assigned to sub-committee so he is single-handedly blocking the bills – a clear subversion of the democratic process. If he does not assign H.F. 203 to a subcommittee by March 8, the bill will die. Please call or email his office and insist that he assign this bill for consideration.