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That horrifying first drop

March 8, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
When you get something new, you want to take really good care of it for as long as you can, especially a cell phone. You hold it and use it with more thought than you did your last phone at the end of it’s life because it’s been beat up a little by then. There is always a moment, at least for me, that is always heart-stopping, the moment you drop your phone for the first time.

I am not always the smoothest operator. OK, to be honest, I’m a little klutzy. I drop things all the time. You can just look at my old cell phone for proof. Well yesterday, I dropped my week-old smartphone in the parking lot as I was heading home from work.

I was on the phone with my brother and trying to get into my car at the same time. I wasn’t completely focused on either task when I opened the car door a little quicker than I expected, got tangled up in my purse strap briefly and lost my grip on the phone. It happened in seconds but in my mind it was like in the movies: A slow motion “Nooooo!” coming out of my mouth as the phone struck my car door and then bounced on the pavement with amplified sound effects.

In a panic, I threw my purse in my car, shut the car door and bent down to look at the damage. Luckily, it landed on its back so the touch screen wasn’t affected in any way. The back cover is dinged in a couple different places. Only cosmetic damage, but it’s no longer the perfect device I got out of the box a week ago.

I obsessed about it a little longer than I should have, got back on the phone with James and told him what had just happened. He sympathized with me because he, as an iPhone owner, understands that feeling of losing control over this relatively tiny device that is such a big investment.

The drop was bad timing as well because I hadn’t received my protective case for my phone yet. So the phone’s natural cover took the brunt of the fall. Therefore, I will have scratches in the upper and lower right corners of the back cover for however long I have this phone.

You want to know the ironic part of the story, my new protective cover was waiting for me in the mail when I got home.


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