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Approaching finale week

May 12, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
Monday kicked off one of my most dreaded week’s of television, the week of the penultimate or setup episode. Most of my favorite TV shows use the next to last episode to set up the ever exciting season finale that will keep fans on the edge until the next season begins.

I love and hate setup episodes. They are always exciting and fun, but the twist comes right at the end that make you wish you could time warp to the next week to see what happens.

Three of my favorite shows have outdone themselves with the tense story lines that are being continued in next week's. I speaking of course of Chuck, Castle and NCIS.

The show that does this the best is Chuck (this would true even if it wasn’t my #1 show). Last year Chuck avoided the set-up episode drama with a two-hour season finale. This year, no such luck. The cliffhanger at the end of “Chuck v. the Last Details” left the fate of my favorite spy couple’s marriage hanging in the balance. Cliff notes version, Sarah is poisoned at the end of their rehearsal dinner, putting everything hold until Chuck, with the help of Team Bartowski, can figure out a way to save her. The one-hour season finale is going to be action packed and leave me on the edge of the seat until the end.

NCIS was next in the ranking for set-ups. Tuesday’s episode saw the death of a beloved guest star that really makes you want Gibbs and Co. to get the madman serial killer they have been chasing on and off for the last half of season know as the Port-2-Port killer. While the episode itself set up a great deal of tension in the final moments, the promo for next week intensified it. It revealed that my favorite character, Ziva David, would be captured by this madman and the team must race to rescue her (I know she won’t die because actress, Cote de Pablo just finalized her contract for the net few years but you still feel the tension of wanting her to be OK).

Castle’s set-up episode wasn’t much of one as far as a cliffhanger. It was a standalone plot line, but there were little clues throughout that caused me to speculate which cast member will die in Monday night’s episode (show creators already confirmed there will be a death). The promo teased a very intense episode that will undoubtedly leave on a cliffhanger that will have fans hoping a speedy return all summer.

Oh, I'm excited for finale week!

With Castle and NCIS definitely renewed for next season, it’s easier to handle these cliffhangers. Chuck is on the proverbial bubble every year. While news broke on Wednesday that a Chuck season five is likely, no official announcement from NBC or Warner Brothers has been made. I am ecstatic about the news but cautious at the same time. I don't want to be let down when NBC announces its Fall line-up Sunday. Here’s to hoping NBC makes the news official!!


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