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X-Men: First Class impressed me

July 4, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
The X-Men movie franchise really took a leap off the deep end with the third installment, so talk of any more left me skeptical to the next movie they came up with. But I heard good things about the prequel and wanted to see it. However getting someone to go with was like pulling teeth until it started showing in Gladbrook.

So the whole family agreed to go and try out the story of how Professor X started his whole mutant enterprise and the history he has with Magneto (the head of the "Evil Mutants" of the original trilogy).

The movie didn’t disappoint. There was some trouble with flow for me at the beginning. They were trying to fit a lot of story in about 45 minutes but it ended up working out in the end.

It was released in 3D and even though I saw it in 2D, I found a few moments where it may have added something. Overall, I didn’t miss it, as usual. The 2D effects were just as good as they would have been in 3D.

The character I liked learning the most about was Mystique (she’s is a blue colored mutant that can take any form for those who don’t know). While she is technically a “bad guy” in the first set of movies, her character always intrigued me so finding out about her was a major bonus.

The real disadvantage for me was that I wasn’t familiar with all the characters. I knew Professor X and Magneto of course, but there younger selves were a different than who I picture when I think of the X-Men. I got my start in the X-Men world by watching the cartoon so seeing the first three movies was fun for me because I could associated them with what I sort of knew already. X-Men First Class was a whole different experience for me, not that it was a bad thing. I still enjoyed the movie.

The most impressive thing about the movie was tying it to the Cuban Missile Crisis. It obviously had to take place before the first three movies and it was done in a cleaver manner. So if you are a fan of the comic book movies, X-Men First Class is worth a try.


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