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The ol’ switcheroo

September 15, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
My car is fairly old. I have only owned it for two years and three months(ish), but it was old when I got it. My “previously owned vehicle” now has more than 100,000 miles, and I had started to talk about trading it off for a new(er) car with fewer miles. I was thinking it would be several months down the road but little did I know my father would think of an idea that would get me a new car ... tomorrow.

Let me give you some details first. Financially, I am not in a position to buy a new car. While I’m in the market for a different car, the only option would be a used one. My sister, financially speaking, can afford to get a new car thanks to her loan forgiveness option as a high school math teacher (I chose the wrong profession in that regards). But hey, I’m not jealous at all*.

So when Trish started talking about maybe wanting a new car, my dad started to put the two situations together in his mind, without bringing it up until he thought it through. Two weekends ago, he pitched his idea. My car is in decent shape. Trish’s car (which mom and dad gave her [grumble]*) is newer than mine with less mileage. Ring any bells?

Dad’s plan is to trade in my car on Trish’s new car and for me to take possession of Trish’s current (soon to be old) car. Sounds complicated right? Not really actually. We will just “swap” cars only Trish will not be keeping mine any longer than it takes us to drive it to Cedar Falls.

Our family (meaning my dad, mom, brother, sister uncle and I) all currently drive cars purchased from Witham Auto in Cedar Falls, most sold to us from the same salesmen. Given their familiarity with our cars and the fam, they really helped make this goofy plot a go. All that remained to be done is for Trish to pick a new car.

Let me give you a little more background (sorry for digressing once again). Two years ago, I wrote a blog about being the only one in the family without a Ford Fusion. Now that I am getting Trish’s 2006 Fusion, I will no longer be “Fusion-less” as I called it then. Well, I am happy to report that Trish isn’t leaving the Fusion family. She chose a 2012 Cinnamon Ford Fusion. While color isn’t all that important, Trish will finally get to own the red car she always wanted.

To sum up, I am getting a new(er) car with less mileage that I wanted (I am so stoked to be getting the Fusion) and Trish is getting her first brand new car! So Trish and I will be getting what we both need in the best possible scenario for us both. My dad sure is a crafty one!


* A couple of notes. I am happy with the profession I chose and Trish is a fantastic high school math teacher so my thoughts on that are mainly in jest. I’m never sure how that comes across in the writing so I wanted to clarify.

* At the time that Trish got the car from our parents, I had a job and she did too, she just wasn’t making any money yet. Therefore, she couldn’t afford to buy a car, just pay for registration and insurance.


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