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And Don't Drink Flouridated Water!

September 12, 2008 - Wes Burns
Other than my occasional references one of my esteemed fellow bloggers love of certain television programs regarding martini swilling socialites I am often remiss to address anything featured in the Times Republican. This article was just too odd not to comment.

Yesterday the paper ran a nationally syndicated column from a guy named Ben Shapiro about the morality of MTV. Ben had some pretty harsh words for the once-great video channel; namely calling them purveyors of pornography and airing "poisonous filth".

Come on buddy, that's a little played out.

Really? Harassing MTV about the moral degradation of American youth? Does MTV show the upside of promiscuity? Sure. Does it show the downside? Not often. Do American youths even consider MTV socially relevant? Not in the slightest.

MTV is like the 35 year old uncle at Thanksgiving that never got married and spends all of his time at the kids table talking about 2 year old music. You can't really get mad at them about it but it always comes off as a little pathetic. MTV doesn't show videos, they don't show programs about music, and they spend most of their time trying to get teenagers to text them at $.75 per message. That's about it.

And attacking the Jonas Brothers? I don't even know who Russel Brand (reportedly the host of the now completely unnecessary Video Music Awards) but making fun of someone for wearing a symbol of something important to them is just a good time. And to boot its downright American. If the Jonas bros don't want to have sex, fine. If they want to tell people that they aren't having sex, frankly, I think that's tantamount to telling people about your sex life but...whatever, they're free to do so. But wearing a ring to make sure people know your decision isn't about responsibility or personal choice; its about ego. Symbols of something important are not important themselves; symbols aren't important, the ideas and actions of the person are important.

If one of the JBs lost his abstinence ring would he instantly loose all of his super-abstinence powers, just start going crazy and turn back into regular Hal Jordan? Sorry, I'm think about Green Lantern, but I think the point is still valid.

And referencing Jordin Sparks, the American Idol winner? Since when did pre-made celebrities from the Fox money machine register anywhere near the plus side on the morality scale? She said "It's not bad to wear a purity ring because not every guy and a girl wants to be a slut, OK?" These are the two options? Pure or slut? Healthy sexual activity doesn't have ANY place? Where are you living? I'm in the United States, the Heartland in fact, and life doesn't really come across like that.

Benny: You seem to be fighting an argument that went out of style during 'Nam. Those kids today and their rock music! Bunch a long haired, dope fiends! If you were interested in professionally worrying about something relevant to the youth maybe you should talk about MySpace, or maybe telling them to start a savings account so they won't go broke when they try to pay for college. I'm going to make a suggestion that I hope you take to heart before your next ill-informed morality rant; turn off MTV. The kids did a long time ago.


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