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'The Artist' solid, not astounding

June 30, 2012 - Bennet Goldstein
So we rented this year's Oscar winner "The Artist" Friday night and came away a little on the fence about it.

While I think it was a solid movie, I don't personally feel that it was the best film of the year. I would definitely pick "Hugo," "The Descendants," "Moneyball" and "The Help" over it.

Of course, our biggest fear was how we would take to nearly two hours of a silent movie. It did take some getting used to but after about 30 minutes we just accepted the movie for what it is.

The actors are very expressive since they have to be when they aren't talking. It's amazing how much facial expressions can help the viewer know what they are talking about without sound.

The movie focuses on a silent movie actor who has a problem as the world is moving to the land of talking films.

Is it worth a rent if you have no other movie in mind? Probably. I guess with so much hype surrounding the film we just expected bettter. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.



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