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Things I need to get by

August 20, 2012 - Mike Donahey
Originally, I was going to entitle the blog “10 Things I Can’t Live Without,” but in retrospect, that sounded overly dramatic.

I believe there is enough drama in most everyone’s life anyway. And who needs more, especially mine? Plus, why arbitrarily limit the list to 10? Fact: I learned how to live without several recently while on a nine-day mission trip to a primitive, but friendly, African village. Consequently, all but numbers one through five are interchangeable.

They are: The love given to me by my wife and daughters. The love given to me by my brothers and sisters. My wife’s laughter My faith, and the opportunity to worship where, when, and how I desire. The opportunity to write for the Times-Republican. The First Amendment Most newspapers — including the T-R, Des Moines Register, New York Times, Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle. Fitness — Marshalltown’s YMCA-YWCA helps make much of it possible. But the Linn Creek Recreational Trail offers a great alternative as does my reliable Schwinn Traveler bicycle. My wife and daughter’s home cooking. Seattle’s Best Level 4 coffee (A woman at the recently concluded state fair who was handing out Seattle’s Best coffee samples said Level 4 ‘will put hair on your chest.’ Well, it is there already, thanks to a steady diet of eating mashed potatoes and gravy, as my late father claimed those foods would do the same). Any other coffee made by me in my trusty coffee-maker. A very sharp razor with gel-type shaving cream or hot lather. Jerry Seinfeld’s humor, regardless of subject. Most Martin Scorsese films. The late Carl Sandburg’s poetry. The late John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage.”



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