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The pain of free TV

September 16, 2012 - Wes Burns
Every few weeks my satelite provider, who shall remain nameless despite committing the unforgivable transgression of dropped AMC right before “Breaking Bad” came back with season 5, decides to throw us loyal/apathetic customers a bone with some free preview channels.

Normally, these channels are relatively worthless. Who needs to see RFD TV in HD? The sheer number of acronyms necessary is prohibitive, let alone the horror of “Dutch Oven and Camp Cooking” in 1080 progressive.

But, as always, I check them because, hey, they're free.

So in the middle of my current crop of unintelligible international documentary channels and free previews of HBO (which I already have) I found something called “Blaze.”

Now, what does that sound like to you? Snowboarding, extreme sports, people jumping from rock to rock; you're basic X-Games wannabe channel. Fine, not really my thing but I'll check it out.

Within five minutes of watching I am treated to a well dressed man screaming at me that the recent riots in the middle east are part of an elaborate plot by the Obama administration to further his goals to total world domination by destabilizing the...

I stopped listening at this point; its hard to listen when your ears are filled with blood.

It turns out that “Blaze” is not a channel full of people playing X-Treme Tug-O-War (which would be great) but instead is the final resting place of Glenn Beck.

You remember him, right? The only guy to get kicked off Fox News for being too crazy? Yeah, that guy has his own channel now.

I'm not mad that my constantly disappointing satellite provider has given me a free month of 24 hour crazy; well, not any more mad at them then usual. I'm mad that Mr. Beck gave his channel such a misdirection of a name; do the TV audience a favor and call the channel something like Rantz or Crazy Talk or Beck TV, just anything that gives us a little warning.



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