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A pleasant homecoming

October 24, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

Last Saturday, I ventured north to Waverly to take part in the Wartburg Homecoming festivities. It’s easy to be motivated to make the return trip because of the events planned on campus.

The Renaissance Faire* is a great place to wander and meet up with people you haven’t seen in a year. The main stop is always the track booth to see my former throwing coach who is always in charge. Until this year, I could also see former teammates working but I’m too old now that I don’t recognize anyone. Now you just have to be in the right place at the right time to catch up.

I also got to complete “the tour.” It was self guided, mind you, but it just means your the group you are with walks around to all the major buildings we spent hours in while in school. We started with the Wartburg-Waverly Wellness Center a.k.a. The W. We met up with our former track head coach, which is a miracle because he’s usually off helping with athletic department things for the football game.

Then we made a stop at the library. It was great because the student coordinator was there. I worked at the library for four years so it was nice to catch up with my old “boss.” Then we went the science center. I spent an unusually large amount of time in the science center for not studying in that discipline. It’s probably due to the fact that both my brother and sister were both math majors, which takes up the third floor of the building.

Next was the Communication Arts Center or my second home while I was in college. It’s probably the smallest building on campus and the one of busiest. I got to see my old adviser, Cliff Brockman. It was nice to catch up on what was going on since I had graduated.

Then we briefly walked through the Fine Arts Center. We stopped a few times to chat with people we recognized. My other adviser, Pam Ohrt was trying to wrangle her triplet grandchildren so we didn’t get to talk very much but it was nice to see her.

Then we walked through Luther Hall and the White House Business Center. I had classes in both buildings but nothing truly noteworthy. Then finally arrived at the Student Center. We walked around there for a bit. Made a stop at the bookstore to update my Wartburg gear and then moved on to the dorms. We don’t usually spend a lot of time there but it’s always nostalgic to walk by your old room(s).

Then we went to the stadium to watch the game. It was a pretty exciting game. Wartburg played the University of Dubuque. We traded the lead back and forth with Wartburg coming out on top by a field goal.

All-in-all it was a great day. It’s always nice to return the the Alma Mater.


* I would like to note that the Ren Faire is more like a campus mall bazaar where campus organizations sell a variety of items to fund raise for the program



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