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The best movie of Sept. 9, 1992

October 28, 2012 - Wes Burns
The internet loves a good list. From allegedly humorous website Cracked to the depths of Reddit to CNN attempting to be modern you can almost always find a list of some pop culture artifacts, ranked in order of awesomeness.

And each list is followed with the obligatory message board tirades claiming that the list is 1: Wrong, 2: Stupid, and 3: Obviously compiled by Hitler.

Even the venerable, non-satirical version of The Onion, called The AV Club, compiles endless lists, their last being "50 Best Films of the 90s."

"Goodfellas" at number 1? And "Terminator 2" at number 43? That is objectively wrong.

And there is the problem. No matter the order of the list, people will find fault.

And I think I have a solution. No more lists of 50 items, or even 10 items. Scale it all the way back to one singular item.

Does one criterion make a list? Maybe not, but it does make things easier.

Case in point: The following is a list of the best movies ever released on September 9, 1992. And the number one spot goes to "Sneakers."

That is all.

And if you have not seen "Sneakers" then go do it right now. Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, River (The Good One) Phoenix, Dan Aykroyd ... everybody. Everybody is in this movie. Stephen Tobolowsky! Tobolowsky is in this movie!

Were there other movies released on Sept. 9, 1992? Maybe, but I don't care. They aren't number one on the list, "Sneakers" is number one. I'm going to watch it right now, I suggest you do the same.



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