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Cash for clementines

November 5, 2012 - Mike Donahey
It started out as a normal day.

There was much to do, and limited time to complete all.

A quick glance into my wallet before heading out the door revealed only a few $1 bills. Not enough to take care of business. That meant a trip the “family bank.”

It is a large plastic coffee container — ideal for the purpose of holding all types and sizes of spare change when I remember to clean out my pockets. Fortunately, a fair amount of coins were present, so why not convert the bulky silver into lean green? I dutifully poured the contents into not one but two opaque plastic sacks — the kind clerks put groceries in — and placed in the backseat of our car. On top of them, I placed another opaque plastic bag containing three Clementine oranges.

My plan was to take the oranges into work with me as a snack, and cash the change later. The day went on, and then, while hurrying to another appointment, I decided to stop at our real bank's drive-through and cash in the coins. But much was on my mind as I drove up — assignments, bills to pay, interviews, deadlines and the like.

The bank’s large drive-up window allows much to be passed through, and I handed over my double-bagged sack with instructions to get cash back.

A few minutes later, the always pleasant and professional employee who frequently waits on me asked with a smile: “Do you want your three Clementines back? ‘Well ... yes,’ I said, somewhat meekly, realizing someone had caught me in a “senior moment.” I heard a hardy laugh from her after she bid me a good day.

No doubt I had provided a humorous conversation piece for her and co-workers.



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