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Memories in photos

December 12, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

My latest project for my family is to compile all of the old photos that my Grandma has collected over the years into a photo book to preserve the memories of yesteryear. I really enjoy these photo projects so I was more than happy to volunteer/create the task.

The biggest step — finding time to take my portable scanner to Grandma’s house to get the photos. Well last Friday, with my sister as my helper, made a visit to Grandma and scanned more than 500 photos in just two and a half hours of work. The photos ranged from my Grandpa Bushong’s baby pictures to present time. Considering the time gap, I was impressed with how many pictures Grandma still had.

Thanks to previous organizing, the photos were separated out really well so it was easy to tell who was who. It was a nice trip down Bushong memory lane. I always loved looking at the pictures to see my mom and her brothers and sisters grow up in photo form. Now I’m able to have them with me.

The next step is to narrow down the selection so it’s not a hundred page photo book. As soon as they are uploaded to my Shutterfly account, I’ll get to work on the layout. Hopefully I’m done before Christmas!

I am uploading with this blog my favorite photo that we found. It is of my mom, who is the oldest, with her sister Cheryl, the second oldest. Mom has to be around three or four years old but her smile is still the same today. I’m so glad I will now be able to keep this photo forever.



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