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Searching for the future, not the mall

February 17, 2013 - Wes Burns
Google, the guys making the world better/spying on your every move, have announced that within the next two years they will be opening a series of stores to sell their Google/Android products.

Stores. Real stores. Made out of plaster and wood and staffed by uptight teenagers and probably situated in some wretched mall between a chewy pretzel place and the last block buster video kiosk.

The kind of stores that Google helped make obsolete.

You might think Amazon or eBay or were chiefly responsible for the ease of online shopping. What these kids today (get off my lawn!) don't understand is that, in the dark days of the Internet (1997) you could buy all sorts of products online, if you could find them.

Ever try using a search engine that ISN'T based on Google's algorithms? No, because they no longer exist. On some arcane website you will still find search bars that require weird, some might say Boolean words like AND, or OR. If that didn't make any sense to you don't worry, Google has made it so you no longer have to worry your pretty little head about it.

When Google came along with their search engine that did the remarkable act of FINDING WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR it made online shopping not only convenient but downright easy.

Google doesn't have to do this. Google doesn't have to compete with Apple by opening stores made entirely of brushed aluminum. Why?

Google is better than Apple. Apple spends their time trying to get a new iPhone out to market with some excellent upgrades and functions; Google is building self-driving cars. Apple wants you to shop at iTunes for all your media needs; Google makes glasses that provide real-tiime data like you're the Terminator.

Google is the way of the future, the kind of future we all thought was inevitable after years of sci-fi movies; and the future doesn't have chain stores at mini-malls. Get it together Google, I want my self-driving car.



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