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Running the gauntlet

March 3, 2013 - Wes Burns
In my infinite wisdom I decided to go to the store mere hours away from the latest blizzard/snow storm/meteorological fake out. Busy does not begin to describe the scene. Crowds, crashing carts and people who inexplicably decided to hold a full conversation in the middle of the cereal lane; this was what I was forced to traverse in my simple quest to buy soup and M&Ms. No, they are not to be eaten at the same time. Soup is just inherently good, and if I'm going to be snowed in for days then I'm going to hold a movie marathon, and no movie marathon is complete without some M&Ms in the popcorn. What I will never understand is why people assume they will never get out of their house, ever again, based on a few inches of snow. I know its Iowa but we all don't live in the country; so why are you buying out ever loaf of bread? Its a snow storm, not the zombie apocalypse. With that being said, I know have to head back out into the great, undulating horde of people scraping together supplies to last out this Dickensian winter; I forgot my popcorn.



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