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Showing up late to the party

March 24, 2013 - Wes Burns
Ever been the last person you know to see something? As in "Hey, have you guys heard about this movie 'Fight Club?'" "Yes, we all did. In 1999." "Oh ... well, wasn't it great?" "Yeah, it WAS great ... during the Clinton Administration." I can't say I'm always the first guy to run out and see/hear/read (HA!) everything new. But I would like to think that I can at least stay around the statistical average of pop culture. Which is why sitting down to watch "Zero Dark Thirty," as I am doing right now, feels a little late to the party. I think if you're watching a first release movie that you picked up from a Redbox probably means that you're a little behind the curve. At least I'm watching it though, right? So far "Zero Dark Thirty" is still kind of fresh in the zeitgeist; like the cultural equivalent of a day old bagel. If I had waited another two or three months though, it might have been a problem; wait to long and a simple day old bagel turns into an inedible brick of rock hard ex-bread. And THAT is why I'm never going to see "Dances with Wolves." Nothing against the movie, nothing against K-Cos or his directing abilities, but the moment is over. Now I need to finish this "Zero Dark Thirty." I'm told there is a twist ending.



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