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Spring is coming

March 31, 2013 - Wes Burns
Over the last couple days it appears that the weather has decided that the time has come to finally leave winter in it's wake and move on toward spring. Obviously by the time you read this there will be a new layer of snow on the ground and winter will be return for another few weeks.

Despite the London-level fog on Saturday and a transformer blowing up outside my house (not related to the weather, also not the good kind of Transformer) it seems like this mythical Spring people speak of might actually be here.

And I for one can't wait for the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Sorry; this blog was supposed to be about the weather and why everywhere I went last night it looked like I was trying to solve a mystery. But in about 20 minutes from now the new season of Game of Thrones starts.

Aside: If you look through my blog posts you'll notice that it seems like I watch a lot of TV/Movies moments before posting. I do. I do watch a lot of TV/Movies on Sunday night. Who doesn't?

I didn't think I would like Game of Thrones. I tried reading the books but couldn't get into the writer's style at all. So after a couple years of all the other nerds making fun of me for never having seen it last week I decided to watch the first couple episodes to see what everyone was talking about.

Now I'm rushing a blog to watch the premiere of season 3. Does that mean it is a good show? I think so. Does that mean you'd like it? I have no idea. Is it coming on soon? Yes. Am I going to stop writing this post to go watch the premiere?



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