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I just paid my taxes

April 14, 2013 - Wes Burns
Yep. Right now. As in "If I switched tabs in my browser I would see my taxes" right now.

Every year, right at the deadline. And every year I always think, as I pour over the deduction options on my tax preparers website, "who is deducting all this off shore income?"

Really. You hear about it in the news, someone having massive financial holdings in some Cayman Islands/Swiss Bank Account/Bunker full of pirate gold; hiding money from the tax man is a time honored tradition. Now, since I have just enough money to open a secret bank account of nickels in my couch cushions I am exactly the kind of person that uses free tax software to file their return.

Also, in case you wondering, I didn't claim my couch cushion reserves. Apparently Uncle Sam isn't too interested if you account can't quite cover the cost of a value meal.

But of the super rich in the world, would any of them be using free tax software to file? Don't these guys and gals have armies of tax lawyers spelunking for loopholes around the year?

That's why this year in the comments section of your return you should tell you free tax software company that, instead of endless lists of deductions no one will be taking, they should replace those screens with soothing pictures of the beach, so I can be reminded of a happier time ... a time when I wasn't paying my taxes.

Oh, you can't leave a comment because you already filed your taxes? Months ago?

Show off.



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