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Stop. Raining.

May 26, 2013 - Wes Burns
Stop raining. Just, stop it. I'm not exactly sure who I am addressing this state to; probably TV weathermen. They're responsible for the weather, right?

Seriously, though: Stop raining!

My Facebook feed has turned into pictures of dirty water in basements, dirty water in people's yards, and dirty water across fields; I have restrained myself from taking pictures of the water in my basement. And all of this on the day the new season of "Arrested Development" started? Travesty?

Ok ... ok, I think it started raining again. So I'm done. I'm done with this rain. The next time you read this blog I'll have posted from somewhere deep in the deserts of Nevada; now all I have to do is grab my luggage as it floats by and I'll be ready to go.



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