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Rummy champion of Montezuma

June 19, 2013 - Pam Rodgers

My grandmother recently had her right hip replaced. She’s recovering at a good pace but she needs someone with her to help her do everyday things. Because she lives alone, the whole family has been tag-teaming spending days at her house.

Being good granddaughters that we are, my sister and I spent the weekend at grandma’s house. She’s the best patient you can ask for, for the most part. She does everything she’s supposed too and only tries to cheat on her rehab exercise a few times.

Trish and I did our best to keep her entertained. Grandma loves to play cards and it’s hard to play when you’re by yourself a lot (solitaire is not her game!). We have been playing liverpool rummy for as long as I can remember. We usually play in groups of seven to 10 people, but we haven’t done that since last November.

We made up for lost time this weekend, playing non-stop for several hours. We got out our three matching decks of cards, mixed them all together and had a blast. (We probably don’t need all three decks for the three of us but why mess with tradition.)

We played 13 rounds of rummy and I won seven of them. In our big rummy groups, I haven’t been lucky enough to win (maybe once in 20 years). However, this weekend, I was on a roll.

But, winning isn’t the important thing. Grandma had lots of fun, and it took her mind off her recovery for a little while. It’s been a long-time since we’ve had a full weekend at grandma’s house. It brought back a lot of great memories.

Grandma gets better each day. Trish and I were so happy that we got to take care of her for a few days. She’s the best grandma in the world!



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