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Counter Programming

August 11, 2013 - Wes Burns
Tonight is the season premiere of the final episodes of “Breaking Bad,” so what are you doing? Seriously, what are you doing instead of watching it? When there’s a huge TV event usually other channels like to do something called “counter programming.” Counter programming is the reason that, instead of watching top-tier commercials during the Super Bowl, my friends like to spend the precious non-game seconds watching a variety of dogs on the Puppy Bowl. When the season finale of “Seinfeld” was on they pretty much shut down the country; I’m not sure people even got their mail that day. Most other TV stations didn’t even bother to counter program; then again in the primitive days of the 90s there wasn’t too many channels to counter program … I think back then Spike TV was still TNN. So tonight I’m sure someone is counter programming “Breaking Bad” … I just don’t know what that is. Some channel, somewhere, is probably showing whatever the opposite of “Breaking Bad” is, which I guess would be a lame TV show. Whatever the case, it’s obviously not important. Whatever the counter programming is, it isn’t “Breaking Bad.”



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