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Siri-ously the best tool

October 10, 2013 - Brett Van Waus
Everyone raves about the iOS 7 update on the iPhone, I mean why not, it's kind of amazing but within this update my latest obsession is Siri.

I never used Siri until my transition from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5c and I have to say... I’m impressed.

Beyond the basics features like asking it “Where is a nail salon in Marshalltown,” or “Tell me a joke Siri,” with the update, she is capable of doing so much more.

She, could be a he. You can change Siri female voice to a male voice. I prefer to keep the classic Siri voice, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

The basic Siri layout changed to an iOS 7 chic transparent background. Siri asks, “What can I help you with?” The microphone appears where you ask. As you ask, a line shows your soundwaves. If you don’t ask right away, Siri gives options of some of the things it can assist you with.

When you ask Siri to search for something, sometimes it can get misinterpreted. iOS 7 Siri now searches what it initially thought you said and offers a “Did you mean...” option at the end with other related searches. It saves the trouble of asking again.

Speaking of searches, Siri’s search preference is now Window’s Bing. This offers broader search options.

You can also ask Siri to change settings instead of going through the tabs and doing it yourself. For instance you can ask Siri to turn the Bluetooth on or off.

When you ask Siri who you missed a call from, sometimes it can mispronounce the name. With the update you can tell it the proper pronunciation. Just say, “That is not the proper way to pronounce (name’s) name. Siri will give you playback options of ways to pronounce it and you select the proper one. With all my fellow Croatian friends and their names, this helps.

Siri also is capable of writing tweets and even searching hashtags on Twitter. This is my favorite iOS 7 Siri feature. As an avid trend follower, this unique feature shows me what the trends are right away, without the trouble of searching.

I can rave all day about how amazing Siri is. If you don’t have an iPhone just Siri alone is worth the investment of getting one. If you are scared of installing the iOS 7 update, don’t be. The new and improved Siri is amazing and probably one of today’s greatest assets to technology, Siriously.



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