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Oatmeal makes a comeback

October 28, 2013 - Mike Donahey

My affinity for carmel apples, Gummy Bears, KitKats, pancakes and other foods have been documented in the past.

Add one more. Oatmeal. The product is making a comeback in my life. I liked it in my youth and I've liked it as an adult. Especially lately. And what is not to like? It has fiber, protein and vitamins. It is filling. Oatmeal will warm one up and a cold winter’s day, as I learned years ago as a newspaper carrier delivering morning editions of the Davenport Times-Democrat (now known as the Quad-Cities Times).

Some readers may remember actor Wilford Brimley’s ad's for Quaker Oats products which ran for about five years in the late 1990s. “ It is the right thing to do,” he said, was one good reason to eat oatmeal.

Since 1997, the FDA has supported consumption of it with a qualifier: “Soluble fiber from oatmeal as part of a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet, may reduce the risk of heart disease.” You'll find that on many a Quaker Oats product.

Lately I’ve had it as a mid-morning snack, for lunch, mid-afternoon snack and for supper too. No, I do not keep a big box of it at work, but in my re-discovery mode I have been purchasing the smaller boxes with individual packets inside. I grab one or two on my way to work and then put them in a desk drawer. They stay fresh and don’t take up much room.

When that supply is out, I’ll get a plastic container from home to keep a supply taken from one of those large, cardboard cylinders of the product. And I’ll mix in my own nuts, fruit, brown sugar or other goodies.

Speaking of goodies, oatmeal cookies are one of my favorite uses of oatmeal, ever. And what is not to like about an occasional oatmeal cookie or two, or three? They are hard to beat when still warm.



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