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Bread. Cheese. Heat.

November 10, 2013 - Wes Burns
I am not what you would call a great chef. I can cook the majority of breakfast food and I'm quite good on a grill; but that's about it.

Some people can just go into a kitchen and walk out a few hours later with ... food. If I just walk into a kitchen I'm going to come out an hour later with an empty cereal bowl.

But, even at the height of my laziest cooking, I can still master the culinary art of making a grilled cheese sandwich.

But everybody can make one of those, right? No, apparently not.

During a trip down the frozen food aisle at our local grocer I noticed a box, a box that had no basis existing in 21st century America ... or anywhere/when really.

The box read "New, frozen grilled cheese! Done in minutes! Now available in cheddar!"

You can't make grilled cheese? Microwaving it can't save THAT much time! And what was it available in before the groundbreaking innovation of "cheddar?" "Grilled cheese, now available in indeterminate yellow cheese-like substance!"

If you ever, EVER, find yourself reaching for the frozen grilled cheese just stop and remember this: Bread. Cheese. Heat. It's not that hard, you can do it!



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