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Disappointed in the crazies

March 14, 2014 - Wes Burns
The last week has been full of news that contains far more questions than answers. What will happen if a Russian military incursion into Crimea occurs? What was the final fate of that Malaysian 777 that disappeared? Whatever happened to Ecto Cooler Kool-Aid? Alright, the last one is just me, but still an important question. With all these unanswered questions about important stories it begs the question: Where are the crazy theories and why aren’t they on YouTube already? YouTube is usually THE go to location for crazy people telling crazy versions of real events. The 9/11 truthers, the people that think the Illuminati control mankind through Jay-Z, the people that think the Seahawks won the Super Bowl with the help of the gods of Egyptian mythology; all of these groups (yes, groups) have multiple videos explaining each crackpot theory in minute detail. So there's nothing about disappearing planes and Russia military advancement? ... Sounds like a conspiracy to me.



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