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Why not 12 hours?

March 20, 2014 - Wes Burns
Did you ever get a song stuck in your head and just had to listen to it, maybe even more than once? Now, how many times did you listen to that song? Once? Twice? Ten times, maybe? Twenty? How about 10 hours straight? Apparently the habit is more common than you would think. Go to YouTube and type in just about any popular, or really even not all that popular, song plus the phrase “10 hours.” The results are astounding. Now, it might seem that the most shocking aspect of this story is that people actually listen to one thing, anything, for 10 hours straight. Oh, if only that were so. No, the truly amazing part of the 10-hour phenomenon is that, all too often, one of the first comments reads something like: Why only 10 hours?! Then it is usually followed by a series of racial slurs, direct sales ads disguised as user comments, and that one guy who claims that whatever music you are listening to is vastly inferior to the music he/she enjoyed in their youth. You know, the regular cast of YouTube irregulars. And now to listen to 10 solid hours of the theme from Robocop. Maybe something interesting happens around hour 9.



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