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Schwarzenegger is making movies again?

March 28, 2014 - Wes Burns
Seriously, what is the Governator doing staring in some direct-to-DVD quality action shooter like “Sabotage?” It was supposed to be a big deal when one of the world’s great action movie stars left behind the petty world of politics and got back to blowing stuff up but good. His 30 second appearance in “The Expendables” even warranted a spot in the trailer. But now I’m watching a trailer for “Sabotage,” which looks like it could have just as easily starred a professional wrestler in the lead and then, suddenly, Schwarzenegger. What happened? Arnie, you were in "Terminators 1 & 2!" You were in "Predator!" Why are you wasting your time with this piddly action stuff when you could be getting ready for "Predator 3!" You've got to stop doing the small time shows and get back to the blockbusters; and if you need any help with the script for "Predator 3" just let me know, I've already got a couple ideas.



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