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Just a quick 500 years away

April 17, 2014 - Wes Burns
NASA, the guys that used to go to space and now just look at it, have discovered a planet that seems to be in an ideal position, also known as The Goldilocks Zone, to sustain life. There had better be some aliens on this one. NASA has been having to defend their meager budgets from Congressional hatchet men for years now. Maybe a big announcement like “proof of alien life” might shake loose some coin. Since the planet, Kepler 186f, is 500 light years away, we are TECHNICALLY seeing it 500 years in the past. So maybe the place looks a little different now; I know Earth looks different than it did 500 years ago ... definitely more neon now, less powdered wigs. I'm just hoping they find proof of something, anything really. Because that is the kind of discovery that would irrevocably alter history and it would happen right in front of our eyes; but if this is some elaborate marketing scheme for the upcoming sequel to "Independence Day" then I'm going to be furious. ... I'll still go see it, I'll just be mad about it.



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