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A grand opening

May 14, 2014 - Pam Rodgers

This past Saturday I attended the Des Moines Social Club Grand Opening.

It sounds all very well planned out when I put it like that, but the truth is it was all very random. A friend of my brother invited me to tag along to watch their mutual friend’s band. Sound confusing? It’s not ... not really anyway.

As unexpected as it was, it was a fun evening. Rain almost made the outdoor concert a miserable occurrence, but the clouds cleared just in time for the group to take the stage.

The DSC is a pretty nice space. It’s not just another bar, so anyone can go hang out, even if you can’t drink. There was an art gallery, a rooftop viewing area, a place to get coffee and chat and of course a bar area for those who like to enjoy a tasty beverage or two (or four). It was hard to believe it used to be a fire house.

It was a nice way to spend a Saturday evening. The night’s events were definitely diverse. After the band (I guess rock would be the correct genre but it was a little different), some high school students took the stage for some poetry slam (snaps!), then a hip hop group (a rapper and his DJ) took the stage followed by the keynote speaker David Byrne gave a nice speech then cut the ribbon to officially open the Des Moines Social Club.

It was a nice night. I hope it can become the “artistic hub” of Des Moines like they want it to be. I’m too much a of a skeptic to place any bets though. :)



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